Why WP Engine?

At BloggersSEO, we constantly recommend WordPress as being the best platform for bloggers to use to create their site. Why? WordPress is simple to use, contains an in-built blogging platform, offers complete control over your site, has hundreds of useful plugins, AND is flexible enough to grow with your blog.

As WordPress’s code is open source by nature, there are potential limitations and weaknesses. No CMS is perfect – so pair your ideal platform with the best hosting available. WP Engine hosting is ONLY for WordPress sites – meaning you get customised hosting and platform-specific support.

Your Current Hosting Could Be Letting You Down

When picking a hosting company, it usually comes down to cost - however, saving a few dollars could cause you a world of pain in future. Not to mention putting your blog at a SERIOUS disadvantage!

  • Does your site take DAYS to load?

  • Is your current hosting costing too much?

  • Are you sick of constant downtime & losing traffic?

  • Are you seeing little to no benefits?

  • Have you lost confidence in your host's ability?

  • Lousy customer service wasting your time?

  • Terrified of being hacked?

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The Turtle & The Hare

When it comes to running a great blog (AND pleasing the Google gods), the hare wins every time. It's a speed thing, not a technical clause or moral-filled tale. The quicker your site can be, the better.

99% of the time, your audience hates the same things as you - and maintaining this mindset will quickly see your blog flourish.

So ask yourself: are you FRUSTRATED by slow loading pages, and waiting for content to appear?

Don't let your viewers suffer through slow load times - when they do finally see your content, they're already that little bit annoyed. If that is, they even hang around long enough for your post to load.

And trust us, speed matters. Slow sites see dramatically increased bounce rates and far lower engagement than their speedy counterparts. WP Engine helps you gain the competitive edge by decreasing your site load times so your audience sees your content faster than ever! 

Can we just say WP Engine is a triple-edged sword! Not only will your audience be able to access your content faster, they'll hang around for longer - meaning a more engaged, devoted audience.

And to top it off, Google LOVES fast sites - because it knows humans do too. Site speed is a named (and highly influential) ranking signal for Google. What does that mean for your blog? Simply changing hosts could DRAMATICALLY boost your rankings!

The WP Engine Difference

A fast site is just one of the MANY great features of WP Engine has to offer, along with:

  • Award winning customer service: if you’ve got problems, they’ll fix it.

  • Dedicated tech support: the only CMS on WP Engine is WordPress – so the team knows exactly how your site and hosting should interact.

  • Daily backups: backups are the lifeline of your blog – in case of emergency, they provide a perfect restore point. The more frequently they occur, the less data you’ll lose.

  • EverCache®: WP Engine’s unique front-end architecture specifically designed to scale with your needs.

  • HTTPS/SSL certificate: keep your visitors data secure with encryption, and benefit from ‘secure’ browser markings + extra Google love.